Server change log:

 **preview** Build 1260, assembly version

                - added a workaround for kodi directory cache bug (on by default, see Debug_DoNestedFolderCheckOnly)

                - add option to only use FileSystemWatcher on the recorded TV folder (FSW_RecFolderOnly)

                - removed recording list trigger update on recorded file deletion to test workaround with kodi18 bug

Build 1255, assembly version

                - Added GUI for primetime recordings (see Primetime tab)

                -- added ability to auto-remux recordings that are of sports, to make time shifted viewing more responsive

                - Added support for Kodi18 GetStreamTimes

                - uses .net 4.6

                - Autoupdate uses TLS1.2 to be compatible with github change.

                - Fixed bug that caused instant records to be shut off prematurely.

                - Fixed bug that could cause a timer edit to hang serverwmc if the timer priority changed.

                - Fixed bug that caused a live stream not to play if the audio language was not specified in the broadcast stream (effects Emby only).


Build 1244, assembly version

                - Fixed bug that caused Forced pre-start padding to be ignored in some cases.

                - Faster serverwmc startup.

                - DLL version redirection is now handled at runtime, so installer works for all win10 configurations.  Installer is now windows version independent.

                - Exits correctly if no wmc DLLs are detected (i.e. wmc not installed).

- More descriptive dialog messages for when serverwmc fails to start

- Added a splash screen to show that serverwmc is starting up (can be turned off in GUI, disabled in service mode) 

- Reports windows 10 builds correctly in log

                - Play resume points are now shared with WMC (turned on by default)

- Standard definition channels can be automatically filtered out of the master channel list (see HideStandardDefChannels)

- Added ability to define multiple channel groups using xml  for serverwmc clients that use channel groups.

    Groups can be populated by channel number, range, or call sign.  Additionally by Standard Def, High Def and Language.  

    A group can be designated as the master channel group by naming the group _MasterChannelGroup_

    Look for XmlDefinedChannelGroups example in the new settings file.  Here is an additional example with comments:



      <Name>My Channel Group</Name>    <!-- the name of the channel group;  using the name "_MasterChannelGroup_" will use this group as the master channel list -->

      <IncludeChannelNumbers>645, 700-800, 837, 891</IncludeChannelNumbers>  <!-- include these channels ranges and numbers, leaving this blank will include all channels -->

      <IncludeChannelCallSigns>msNBC, CNN</IncludeChannelCallSigns>  <!-- include channels with these call signs -->

      <ExcludeChannelNumbers>720-725, 715</ExcludeChannelNumbers>  <!-- exclude these channel ranges and numbers -->

      <ExcludeChannelCallSigns>TBNHD, FNCHD</ExcludeChannelCallSigns>  <!-- call signs to exclude -->

      <HDOnly>true</HDOnly>  <!-- include only channels flagged as HD capable -->

      <SDOnly>false</SDOnly>  <!-- include only channels that are SD only -->

      <IncludeTheseLanguagesOnly>en, es</IncludeTheseLanguagesOnly> <!-- only include channels that have programming in these languages -->



- Attempts to reopen wmc database if database exceptions are thrown when used with epg123

- Fixed media stream codec bug with audio channels (Emby)

- Audio streams now prioritized by preferred language (Emby)

- Audio language is now returned as media stream info (Emby)

- GUI changed for preferred live tv language

- If live streams with monotonic PTS are detected, DTS is not generated (on by default)

- Fixed a bug  with live stream file lock check on some systems.


Build 1236, assembly version

Fixed a bug in the remuxer that caused small packets to not be transmitted correctly.  Applies to both mpeg2 and h.264, but the problem was only reported on some h.264 broadcasts.

The remux now generates a monotonic DTS in the transport stream files it produces.  Enabled by default for broadcasts in h.264.

-       Fixed bug that caused remuxed (.ts) files to sometimes not be deleted when using http streaming.

Fixed a bug that caused series deletion to fail in Kodi versions less than Kodi16.

Fixed bug that cause deleted recordings to continue to show up in recording list (zombie  recordings)

Responding to DeleteRecording command from clients can now be disabled (see Recordings tab)

Added option to ALWAYS prepend the original air date to the program description (disabled by default) (Kodi only).

- Set AddOrigAirDateToDescriptionAlways to true in settings file

Added option to substitute the original air date for the recorded date on all recordings (Kodi only)

- Set UseOrigAirDateAsRecordingDate to true in settings file

ClientRestriction is expanded to allow a DLNA device/tuner to be assigned to a client, this allows you to enable dlna mode for specified clients.  Also allows a single tuner to be assigned to that client.  Example:



      <RestrictDLNA>true</RestrictDLNA>     <!--   restrict this client to DLNA -->

      <DLNA_Tuner>tuner2</DLNA_Tuner>  <!--   assign tuner 2 in device to this client (default: auto) -->

      <DLNA_DeviceIP></DLNA_DeviceIP>   <!--   assign this device IP to this client (default: empty string)-->


Fixed region dependent exception on tuner status

Stops stream if live stream url was not opened by client

Cleaned up formatting for when Epg123 appends the season and episode number to the episode description

Changed the default client inactive period to 20 min from 10 min

Fixed bug that caused plex to only play one stream at a time

Series timers that have no upcoming episodes are now given a user settable date (enabled by default, default date is 12/31/2099)

Fixed parsing bug with images urls (effects EPG123 users using SchedulesDirect for guide data)

Fixed bug with live-tv dlna mode (Emby)

Added support for timeshift buffer display for Kodi17-Krypton

Fixed bug with the reporting Joint Stereo channels (Emby)

A tuner auto-reset was added in an attempt to fix this data when it errors out in the COM drivers.


Build 1225, assembly version

-       Adds new PVR functions using new Jarvis API (Kodi16)

- Creation of repeating guide and manual based Timers

- Creation of wishlist timers

- All timers are can be edited & deleted via Kodi

- Change gui to better reflect kodi16 changes               

-       Auto update can now be set to download ‘Stable’ or ‘Preview’ versions of serverwmc

                                -  Preview will be used to roll out new features and bug fixes as they are implemented, but may not be as stable.

                                -  Subscribers to Preview releases will also automatically receive Stable releases when they eventually come out.

-       Supports GameEx clients

-       Recordings and Timers now cached per client to improve responsiveness (enabled by default).

-       Client requests to delete recordings much faster.

-       Protection from mass deletion of recordings by client (enabled by default)

-       Remux now works with wtv files created by ffmpeg (mcebuddy, etc)

-       Enables emby to use http for live streaming and file paths for recorded tv (Emby)

-       Reads Recording metadata directly from file for missing items (disabled by default, enable by setting UseMetaDataForRecordings to true)

-       Original air date for a repeat programs, and movie release year, are now added to descriptions (enabled by default - kodi only)

-       If http service is enabled, ServerWMC status can now be returned in JSON format (see ‘Http Service’ tab)

-       List of programs to never primetime record is now read from an external text file at scheduling time.                              

- each program should be on its own line, blank lines are ignored.

- wildcards (*) are supported

- set PrimeTimeBlacklistFullPath (in config file) to specify the full path name of the text file.

-       New genre codes added to master genre table.

-       Genre code table values can now be overridden by user (edit: %programdata%\vdsoftware\serverwmc\GenreDict.xml (kodi)

-       Does more thorough search for live-tv data before giving up on a live stream

-       Poster artwork generated by Emby is now deleted when windows deletes a recording

- enable by adding ‘jpg’ extension to auto removal extensions (see Recordings tab) (Emby)

-       Added option to display Premiere and Finale in EPG for Kodi clients (strings are editable in settings) (Kodi)

-       IsFinale flag is now sent to Emby clients (Emby)

-       Warning message is now displayed if http service is not being used for video streaming for non-dlna clients (Emby)

-       Added option to use channel name as the channel ID.

-     Fixed bug when prime viewing time’s end time was set past midnight.

-       Fixed bug that caused a live stream not to play if all the audio streams for the channel are flagged as 'hearing impaired'

-       Fixed bug that caused instant recording to fail depending on the program title

-       Fixed bug with recording delete that cause delete state to be returned incorrectly (Plex only)

-       Fixed bug with encoding errors for non-English guide data using string normalization (thanks vasil)

-       Fixed bug that could cause client gui updates to not be sent to all frontends (kodi)

-       Fixed bug that caused timer setting to fail if recording day did not match schedule entry day.

-       Fixed bug when empty image path is returned from guide data source

-       Fixed null reference bug that could cause a crash if socket connection is dropped abruptly

-       Fixed bug that caused recordings from a series timer from being grouped with primetime recordings (Kodi)

-       Fixed bug in version 1190 that caused timer padding to not be used in new timers if user chose serverwmc padding option.

-       Fixed bug that caused one week KeepLengths to never be deleted by the wmc file delete service (applies to primetime recordings and Jarvis)

-       Fixed bug in installer that caused it to not recognize win10 based dlls (still needs to be tested)



Build 1199, assembly version

Supports tuner based transcoding settable by Emby server running in DLNA mode.  (Emby only)

Implemented PrimeTimeRecording feature, allowing for the automatic recording all shows on a specified channel in specific time window.  Requires editing of the settings file, entry examples are provided.  Feature includes:

Auto recordings can be set to multiple days of the week for each PrimeTimeRecording specified, including: weekend, weekdays, or all

The types of shows auto recorded can be specified, for example New (non-repeat) episodes or sporting events.

Specific show titles can be added to a ‘NeverRecordShows’ list for exclusion from auto recording

Shows can be optionally grouped by the PrimeTimeRecording ‘Name’ in the recording list  (Kodi only)

End times can occur after midnight (i.e. the next day)

The length of time to keep the recording file can be optionally set (otherwise default wmc keep length is used)

Actors, Writers and Directors metadata info is now transmitted to clients that support it (Kodi-Isengard)

Fixed tuner display bug.

Tuner tab display revamped, for example it now displays the current channel a tuner is set to

Null tuning spaces are no longer treated as DRM by default

Fixed framework start up bug that happens on some windows systems after a reboot.

Old version of settings file (config.xml) is now automatically saved if it contains an xml syntax error.  It is saved in the same directory and is named config-errors.xml.  This gives the user the chance to correct the error and not lose their settings.

Orphaned streams that run past the maximum runtime are now closed and purged properly.

IP address for http service can be optionally hardwired in settings.  Useful for systems that contain multiple nics.

Supports renaming of Mediabrowser to Emby


Build 1190, assembly version

Http service now available (some of  these features are still experimental)

Enables Plex clients to use swmc via Salphonso’s plex channel

Added Http Service tab

Live tv and recordings can now be started by external players like VLC using urls over a network

Http service provides a ‘Status’ web page for checking serverwmc using a browser on any client

Enables Kodi and MBS to use URLs for live and recorded tv streams rather than network shares (experimental for now)

Dlna changes:

Dlna mode can be set from ‘Live TV’ tab for each client type.

Primary channel numbers now used in dlna addressing (with an option to revert to device numbers)

Option added to remap channel numbers in dlna mode.

Individual channels can have dlna mode disabled (forcing them to use Remux instead) by remapping them to channel number: 0

For external actions: A valid file path for the recording-finished event is now more reliable as an input parameter to external actions.

Added option that runs external actions without creating a window (i.e. silent mode, turned off by default)

Live tv timeout errors are now recoverable if enough stream data has been found when timeout occurs

Remux returns faster if channel is marked as forced radio, regardless of whether there is a video stream

Live-tv and active-rec remux can now handle stream ID redefinitions on-the-fly (solves a rare but fatal live-tv crash)

Metadata files generated for wtv files by external programs can now be cleaned up (deleted) if no matching wtv file is found.  See ‘Recordings’ tab in gui.

More reliable DRM detection for HDHomeRun devices

Fixed bug that caused SocketServer to hang if connection was dropped while the connection was being accepted.

Fixed bug with identifying watched folder paths

Fixed alignment bug when hiding passwords with asterisks in log file

Fixed miscellaneous bugs in RunAsService mode


Build 1175, assembly version

Fixed a bug that could cause a remux crash in rare circumstances

Fixed a bug that caused disk drive space to be checked too frequently, also got rid of extraneous drive scans

Recording drive space check is more accurate and efficient.

Fixed bug in merge channel search that failed to filter out different channel numbers

Reverted default setting to not filter merged channels

GUI updated to be ‘Kodi’ instead of xbmc


Build 1174, assembly version

Fixed bug that caused certain merged channel configurations to be incorrectly reported as DRM’d

WMC  events log can now be viewed in swmc,  see the ‘Debug’ tab.

Returns recorded tv drive space status (requires helix pvr.wmc 0.3.107)

Tuners streaming dlna channels can now be reset in tuners tab

More detail on channel info is logged

More logging info for debugging external actions

Filtered out some log messages to keep log files smaller for helix clients


Build 1171, assembly version

Supports dlna live-tv streams by default for dlna capable HDHomerun tuners (MBS only)

Turns off tuner based transcoding by default when using dlna addressing with MBS (overridable in settings)

Fixed bug that caused series editing to fail with some tv shows (MBS only)

Fixed bug that could cause serverwmc to incorrectly flag tuners as ‘disabled’

Fixed bug that caused channels that aren’t producing data to be flagged as ‘busy’

When live-tv stream protection is enabled, serverwmc now selects only the matching channel number for live-tv streams in cases where channels with different numbers have been merged by wmc

Fixed uncaught exception in SocketServer that could crash serverwmc if client suddenly goes down during active communication

Name of default channel and program images are settable in config

Fixed bug that would flag local MBS clients as remote

Windows 10 compatible installer (not tested)


Build 1167, assembly version

add support for triggering EPG refreshes (for helix client only)

config settings to control whether to trigger stale clients to refresh data/EPG

change update mechanism to support checking X times per day

don’t allow update to apply if streams are in progress

allow for default channel and program images to be used when image is not found in database

For default channel icons, save image as ‘default.jpg’ and store in:  …\TempSWMC\imageCache\userChannelImages

For default program images, save image as ‘default.jpg’ and store in:  …\TempSWMC\imageCache\userProgramImages


Build 1166, assembly version

Fixed bug that caused all episode recording requests to be series requests. 

Changed user-agent field so bitly stats are updated properly.


Build 1165, assembly version

Implemented a solution to the long standing problem that caused live-tv playback to be stopped by recordings that start on the SAME channel, even though free tuners were available.  Two types of live stream protection are implemented, with the most flexible one enabled by default. 

Detect when a client has already been running when serverwmc is started, if detected trigger client to refresh it's data after serverwmc is back online.

Tuner status tab now updated automatically as backend recording status changes.

Location of Remux folder can now be specified in the config file (see ‘RemuxCustomFolderUNC’ in config.xml).  Usage details:

This folder can be located in any network location.

This folder has to already exist and be specified with a UNC path in the config file, if not it will be ignored

This folder must be writeable by the account serverwmc is run under.

Folder must be shared in order for remote clients to use it for playback of live-tv and actively recording streams.

Fixed bug that caused self installer to fail if user names contains spaces.

Fixed bug that sometimes caused the tuners listed on the Tuner tab to be incorrect.

Fixed bug that would cause some hdhr tuners to not be query-able, causing their busy status to not be detected properly.

Each daily log now contains configuration info.


Build 1162, assembly version

Fixed a bug that stopped MBS from playing live tv streams if credentials were turned on.

No longer saves empty wtv files when debugging failed live-tv streams


Build 1161, assembly version

Fixed a bug that caused a disabled tuner driver to get consistently picked for live-tv on certain channels, depending on how wmc is configured.  Fixes ‘no data found on this channel’ problem that happens on some systems.

Option added to never use local paths (fixes MBS ‘play to’ feature for xbmc with the XBMB3C addon)

Status of tuners is now displayed in a new ‘Tuner’ tab (tuner configuration is no longer shown in Live-TV tab)

HDHomeRun network tuner specific:

ServerWMC will no longer try to use tuners locked by other machines on the same network when it starts a live stream.

HDHR tuner lock can be reset (either in MBS live-tv view or the new Tuner status tab)

Multiple clients using the same name now detected and handled correctly (clients with same name will no longer steal tuners from each other)

Added option to use IP address instead of machine name for remote clients

ClientRestrictions can be specified by IP address or client name (use the IP address if multiple clients have the same name)

Now handles multiple MediaBrowser-Server clients (MBS only)

Fixed bug with custom padding not being used when a new timer is created in MBS (MBS only)

Logger error fixed.

Fixed exception when a channel with a null tuning space is retrieved.


Build 1154, assembly version

Logger revamped so that a new log is create each day and log files older than seven days are discarded (configurable).

Recordings ‘Watched’ state now sent to client (currently xbmc only, requires 0.2.98 pvr.wmc)

Wake-on-LAN (WOL) now supported - pvr.wmc addon at xbmc startup will now wake a sleeping server computer. (requires bios support, xbmc only, requires 0.2.98 pvr.wmc). 

All client commands how handled in separate threads.

Fixed memory leak when multiple pvr.wmc addons are enabled in xbmc

Added ‘changelog’ link to update tab.

Disk-full errors are caught and handled in Remux

Fixed bug that caused double counting of radio tuners in some systems

Time synchronization now checked between client and server to catch EPG related errors (xbmc, requires 0.2.98 pvr.wmc)

No longer using ‘DEBUG’ configuration in compiler


Build 1150, assembly version

Added update and auto-update capabilities, also update notifications (see new Update tab)

Added FM radio capabilities if radio tuner is configured in wmc.  Imports channel presets from wmc or from config.xml (xbmc)

All stream and health checks are performed in a separate thread from server commands, so that live-tv streams are no longer frozen when another client’s commands have a long execution time.

GetRecordings execution time decreased.

Socket server is now fully asynchronous

Fixed bug with watched folder not using smb paths - again (xbmc)

Server can now post general and update-available popup messages to client (xbmc)

Bit rates of audio and video streams are now calculated on the fly during remux (mb3)

Mediastream info now returns nulls for values that aren’t determined during remux (mb3)

Fixed bug with gui checkbox not binding to primetime recording enable


Build 1138, assembly version

Fixed bug that caused web-based program images to fail load on remote clients


Build 1137, assembly version

Handles program/recording images if stored locally

Program/recording images can be overridden

Fixed bug where shared directories were not showing up when xbmc-gotham was running on server machine

Fixed bug when bad recording runtype was found in registry

Stream sequence indexes now returned to mediabrowser3 as media info, instead of stream ID

When episode count is appended to directory name, no longer shows an empty directory when recordings are deleted


Build 1135, assembly version

TV channels can now be designated to show up as radio channels, having their video streams ignored (xbmc)

Set forced radio channel numbers and number ranges in  string: ForcedRadioChannels, separating values with commas

example:   <ForcedRadioChannels>3-4.2, 6</ForcedRadioChannels>   (set channels between 3 and 4.2 (inclusive) and channel 6 as radio)

Channels without EPG data are now viewable, watchable and recordable in guide (xbmc).

Fixed bug so that smb paths to watched folders are now used for windows clients (xbmc).

New config setting to route playback of all recorded tv files through serverwmc (not enabled by default) (xbmc). 

Set Debug_RequestAllRecordings to ‘true’

Media stream remux info returned to Mediabrowser clients

Number of recorded episodes in a series now appended to series directory name in display list (enable by default) (xbmc)

Credentials now checked for illegal path characters

Fixed bug that caused paths to be saved even if problems were found


Build 1134, assembly version

Watching active-recordings now displays the correction play time, improving FF, RW and skip performance (requires 2.94 or higher of pvr.wmc) (gotham only)

Channels and recordings transferred to designated clients can now be filtered to only receive a certain channel group, requires editing of config file

By default, multiple clients viewing same live-tv channel now get their own ts stream (more consistent start time with better FF,RW,Skip)

By default when an active-recording is viewed, the remux now keeps going until the recording finishes, making last view position resumable.

Audio-only Tv channels now detected and remuxed more efficiently

Audio-only Tv channels can now be displayed in the ‘radio’ section of xbmc (requires .94 or higher of pvr.wmc)

Channels that have no epg entries can now be recorded (recording duration is set in xbmc setting ‘Instant Recording Duration’)

‘Instant Recordings’ can now work on channels with no epg entries

Now waits for new in-progress recordings to start before returning so gui updates are consistent for all client platforms.

Better xbmc gui updates for multiple clients (recordings, timers, etc), especially for non-windows clients

Fixed bug that caused wtv to be remuxed even though recording had completed.

Timers and series timers now deleted by ID rather than title, channel or time slot

Channel line-up can be reloaded from button in ‘Channels’ tab, restarting swmc not required

Fixed bug with channel sort when ‘Full Service Name’ is chosen

More channel options and channel detail logged.

Better checking of xfer strings for illegal chars

DRM is new checked in preferred tuner order, and services are probed looking for copy-free sources

For live-tv streams, multiple tuners are attempted even if a COM error is thrown trying to access recorder

Slightly improved live-tv tuner acquisition speed by getting rid of unused free-time check.

Buttons added to ‘Debug’ tab for editing and reloading config file.

Channels line-up presorted before being logged so sort order can be checked

Loading of wtv metadata tags for recordings is turned off by default

Due to a frequent request, a donation button has been added to the download page.  Any donations, although not expected, will be greatly appreciated.


Build 1129, assembly version

Now sends samba paths to windows clients to work with newest gotham nightlies

Series record default settings for AnyChannel, AnyTime, FirstRunOnly/New&Rerun are now imported from wmc (xbmc and mb3)

Option to switch to pvr-async wrapper for COM recorder (enabled by default)

Fixed series timer editing for mediabrowser

Now checks data in encryption guid to see if data is actually encrypted.

Corrected the gui as to which settings are used by xbmc only.

Added option to log guide image detail

Add settings for live-tv/active-record buffer delays


Build 1126, assembly version

Fixed remux problem that can occur in channel changes when last channel bleeds through to new stream

Fixed exceptions in tuner probe for MediaBrowser-Server

Fixed start up failures due to non-existent/down watched folders

Fixed RunAsService startup problems

Added button for opening the service log when running-as-service (see debug tab)

Non-default config settings now listed in log

More robust exception handling in share folder check

Improved logging


Build 1123, assembly version

Now IPv4 and IPv6 agnostic

Share state of RecTV folder checked and details logged, posts warning dialogs

Added option to set max stream playing time for live tv

Added ‘Prime Viewing Time’ period

Provides tuner status and ability to reset tuners to MB-Server

Now detects when RecTV folder has changed

Changed the way serverwmc suspends sleep mode when clients are online, it now resets system idle timer every maintenance interval

Sleep mode is NOT suspended if the only client is MediaBrowser-Server (option added to disable this)

Option to launch ServerWMC when installation completes

Added more tool tips, and more info about which settings only apply to XBMC

TempXBMC folder renamed to TempSWMC (also no longer hidden when created)

Removed pre-start tuners from live-tv tab


Build 1118, assembly version

Fixed error with metadata reads on recordings

Fixed bug that caused channel groups to stop working

Added tuner status and tuner reset


Build 1115, assembly version

Made check for audio stream completeness less stringent


Build 1114, assembly version

Works with MediaBrowser3-server

Channel groups now imported from wmc (requires pvr.wmc vers 0.1.93 or 0.2.93)

Has the ability to run external programs triggered by recording state changes, with configurable parameter replacement

Setting was added to remove visual/audio/‘nar’ ‘impaired’ audio streams (enabled by default)

Option to suspend sleep mode when clients are online

Does better job of resolving the channel a recording was made with

Does a better job finding program images

Added logging option for detailed channel info

Hides channels flagged in wmc as channeltype ‘UserHidden’

Better crash detection of clients, and active streams are stopped if client crashes

Maintenance timer and failed stream intervals are now settable

Fixed startup problems when config.xml file is corrupted

Fixed remux crash when an audio streams are not completely defined

Fixed ‘remux all’ debug settings

Fixed remux bug that can occur when video&audio are delayed beyond minimal number of headers

Fixed crash when channel icons are copied to a read-only network share

Fixed setting to turn off auto-saving of wtv files in savedForDebug.

Added option to hide all channels from clients

Installer is now a single file, no ‘cab1’ file needed

Removed wtv header logging option from debug tab



Build 1101, assembly version

Play position ‘resume’ point is now shared between multiple clients for recordings – gotham clients only

Preferred tuner order set in wmc for viewing a channel with multiple sources is now imported for use with live-tv

When a second client starts watching a live stream in progress, it starts at the current time , not at time the stream was originally started

Fixed remux bug that could cause it to crash when packets are ignored

Signal status can be scanned (note requires enabling in pvr.wmc addon configuration) – gotham clients only

Send updated server version to client

Fixed bug in initial drm logging

Added option to view active recording file instead of remuxing (only gotham clients allow for resume)

Run-as-Service implemented (first cut only for advanced users, requires setup instructions)

Removed balloon text when minimized to system tray



Build 1098, assembly version

Added hierarchical recordings list

Added ‘recordings’ tab for display options in recordings list



Build 1095, assembly version

Added instant record ability when viewing live-tv

Once instant recording starts, record button presses extend the recording end time

Added option to set the amount the end time is increased (record tab)

Live-tv AAC audio streams now supported

Treats channels with null tuning spaces as drm’d channels

Added option to use channel service name instead of call sign (channel tab)

Added option to NOT import channel icons from wmc (channel tab)

Support for no-video-stream type radio channels (seems to be only in Europe)

Detecting repeat episodes is more reliable

Allows only one instance of the server to run at a time

Added option to remux all previously recorded wtv files on playback (debug tab)



Build 1089, assembly version

Added ability to not transfer image urls to client (see Display Options tab)

Fixed a live-tv bug when connecting to old versions of the client software

Added monitoring of ts performance



build 1083, assembly version

Added a ‘Record’ tab with options for setting up record padding

Added ability for custom padding of sports broadcasts

Added option for close command to minimize to system tray

Fixes intermittent live-tv remux crash bug that hoops found.

Fixed the remux crash that happens when starting some AVC broadcast streams in the UK.

Client stream size query no longer accesses disk


build 1078, assembly version

Multiple clients can now view a single tv channel  w/o needing an extra tuner

Option to output only one language/audio channel to ts stream

Querying of DRM protection no longer fatal at startup (should fix start crash at system boot)

%40 replaces ‘@’ when win8 style user names are embedded in paths for non-windows clients

Remux now runs in thread with variable priority (priority set in config)

Fixed possible int overflow in large recorded wtv reads in remuxer

More detailed channel info logged

Removed disabled stream format choice from UI


build 1077, assembly version

WMC watched ‘rec tv’ folders now supported

Paths are generated separately between windows and non-windows clients

‘@’ in credential username now handled correctly

Includes failsafe for shutting down remux if there is a client-side open stream error

Reads posted errors from client if stream can’t start (requires new client build to work)

Added option to append episode title to main title for sports events (epg and recordings)

If all descriptions are empty in epg entry, episode title is used in its place

More logging for paths on GetRecordings

Stopped crashing due to stale channel id lookup

Fixed error reporting in tuner pre-start.


build 1075, assembly version

Fixed live-tv crash from orphaned data packets and incomplete descriptors


build 1074, assembly version

Fixed channel icons not showing up on non-windows clients.

Made minor changes to Folders tab UI


build 1073, assembly version

If server’s port is in use at startup, server will start anyway and navigate to the port setting tab, giving the user a chance to set a new port.

Fixed bugs with local and remote channel icons

Added the option to log all wtv headers in the debug tab


build 1072, assembly version

Fixed bug with setting of timers failing when updated EPG data contains new start/end times

Fixed bug that wouldn’t allow the network folder to change in UI

Added the ability to set embedded credentials for use in network paths for non-windows clients

Additional watched recorded tv folders are now logged.


build 1068, assembly version

Windows 8.1 compatible installer

Improved handling of audio track descriptors

More consistent channel to channel switch times

Fixed ‘record now’ bug that caused next episode to record

Fixed intermittent ‘read overflow’ bug when starting live streams

Fixed crash for when guid headers are split by meta chunk in live-tv stream

Fixed tuner arbitration between rec service and multiple clients

Better logging of guid header types, more header types identified

Encryption header types flagged

Added setting for whether to pre-start tuners

Fixed bug that stopped server from starting if tuners were in use

Fixed bug in assembly version reporting

Reports to client if stream is no longer growing (inactive)


build 1063, assembly version

Architecture re-factored

Complete redo of wtv parsing for robustness and faster channel switching

Added tuner priming

Fixed ‘recorded tv’ file deletion

Fixed loading of genre dict.

Fixed StreamSize crash bug

Added installer minimal UI

Added new logger class


build 1057, assembly version

Compatible with Windows 8 WMC

Switched to wix installer

Upgraded to .net 4.0


build 1047, assembly version

Better diagnostics for resolving client path

Better missing genre reporting


build 1046, assembly version

Filtered out channels with null tuning space names, disabled wtv streaming


build 1045, assembly version

More epg error logging


build 1044, assembly version

-   added copy of log to start menu folder


build 1042, assembly version

-   fixed crash when viewing currently recording files


build 1041, assembly version

-   tweaked error reporting for socket problems


build 1040, assembly version

-  first public release